Criminal Defense

The Constitution of the Republic of Botswana dictates that, every person accused of a criminal offence shall be innocent until proven guilty or has pleaded guilty. The law further stipulates that an accused should be tried within a reasonable amount of time, and afforded an opportunity to have representation. This is fundamental to our practice as defense attorneys representing our clients in legal actions. We put up a spirited defense to ensure that these basic tenants of the law are adhered to in courts of law.

We understand that being arrested is a frightening and helpless experience. Most importantly, being charged with a criminal offence and being processed to appear before a judge. It must be noted that the Prosecution has got access to extensive resources at their disposal, which is why, without adequate representation of an accused person, the balance of power within the justice system would be skewed towards the direction of the government. We will avail ourselves with the sole aim of securing our client’s freedom and ultimately justice. This includes bail applications, trial representation and everything else in between.


Asset Forfeiture Litigation

Our representation in forfeiture litigation includes cases involving criminal charges and cases where civil forfeiture actions were taken directly against property, including:

  • Cash, Bank and Investment Accounts
  • Jewelry
  • Motor Vehicles
  • Real Estate
  • Professional Licenses

We will work diligently to challenge the government’s procedure in seizing the property. We can assist by establishing a separation of the property and criminal alleged activity, refuting testimony, examining constitutional violations, or any other technique required by your case. Our accomplished asset forfeiture attorney will take steps to ensure protection of your legal rights against serious assaults on your private property, and against harassment by law enforcement agents and prosecutors.

If your assets have been threatened or seized, whether criminally or civilly, we are your one stop firm.


Employment and Labour Law

Through our Employment and Labour Law experts, Brown and Company offers diverse cutting edge solutions to ever changing employer-employee dynamics ranging from;

Policy formulation and/or review, Grievance and Disciplinary Procedures, Work Ethics and Code of Conduct. Furthermore our style of Employment Dispute resolution include legal counsel and representation during Arbitration, Industrial Court, High Court and Court of Appeal.


Land Law, Property Law & Conveyancing

This is an area of the law which concerns the rules governing the purchase, ownership, maintenance, and disposal of land and things attached to the land. It is one area perceived to be complex and cumbersome in practice but at Brown and Company, we simplify it.

We provide comprehensive legal services dealing with Real Estate, conveyancing and we play a major role in facilitating small to medium and even in certain instances, large transactions involving big players in the property sector.

Our office further deals directly with Land Boards, i.e Mogoditshane Sub-Landboard on matters relating to compensation in kind. This process which entails the subdivision of ploughing fields and subsequent allocation of residential or business plots in the Kweneng Area. For more information on how you can personally benefit from this, please feel free to visit our offices. Our office has facilitated many transactions, hundreds of hectares of land even,  between land owners and buyers.


Family Law

At Brown and Company, we are committed to providing high-quality family law advice in a manner that is realistic and cost-effective. Our approach to the practice of family law is designed to fit the client’s individual needs and sensitivities.

We work hard in assisting our clients to achieve their desired results without having to proceed to court for a determination. However, in the event that this is not possible, our lawyers are exceptionally qualified to litigate on all areas of Family Law.

Family Law is a wide branch of private law that deals with Matrimonial Causes and relations of domestic nature between people, such as:

  • Divorce Procedure;
  • Finance and Property Settlements;
  • Child Support and Maintenance;
  • Adoption of Children; and
  • Affiliation of Children

It is one area of law that is perceived as constantly changing and poses a challenge to everyone involved in it. However, at Brown and Company, we make it as straight forward and manageable as possible.


Debt Collection

We offer a simple, effective and swift solution to debt recovery. Our team of lawyers and experts have an in-depth appreciation of the laws and legal nuances for the recovery of debt owed to clients, be it an individual or corporate body level at highly competitive collection rates. Lower costs, greater success.

Debt Collection Services include:

  • Debt Recovery;
  • Commercial Litigation and Dispute Resolution;
  • Obtaining and enforcing judgments by way of writs, garnishee orders, among other things
  • Attachments & Execution;
  • Evictions;
  • Telephone collections and Follow ups;
  • Repossessions;
  • Civil Imprisonment

Contracts & Contracts Management

Contracts and other legal documents are instrumental to modern life. They regulate the relations between individuals, and or corporate entities. We ensure that these instruments are clear, enforceable and effective while avoiding unnecessary complexities.

We are clothed with the ability to do due diligence of corporate takeovers, general purchases and legal research that any entity would need in the interpretation, drafting and management of contracts as a whole.

Administration of Estates

We have experience with all types and complexities of estates and we assist in a broad range of planning techniques including preparation and drafting of wills, inheritance tax advice, planning and administration of estates (testate and intestate) and representation of executors and administrators.

Our services include, but are not limited to:

  1. Formation and advising on living and non-living Trusts
  2. Management of Trusts
  3. Formation of Wills
  4. The administration of a will
  5. Litigation over the validity and enforceability of a will

Beyond this, we adopt a practical and timely approach in representing clients and settling disputes, with or without litigation.


The firm offers compliance management solutions to its clients. It is imperative for entities globally to comply with relevant statutes, regulations, and best practice codes. At Brown and Company, we assist our clients to achieve the required compliance standards regardless of the industry they trade within.

Our services range from drafting charters, manuals, and policies to creating legal processes and programmes which assist in the administration of our clients’ obligations under the prescribed laws. We pride ourselves in assisting our clients to operate entities that run seamlessly and efficiently.

Corporate Commercial

We advise Organizations, Corporates and Companies on their rights and duties in ensuring legality in commercial transactions. We also advise on corporate governance. Critical to the sphere on commercial law and investments is the area of Venture Capital or Mergers and Acquisitions. Our qualified team is well versed in this area to advise and assist clients. This ensures Diversification of the products, services and long-term prospects of your business’’

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